Introduction to Craps

Learn about the origins of craps and its transformation from a Native American dice game to the modern online casino version.

Craps: The History of the Game

The dice game craps has been gaining more and more notoriety at the top online casinos in recent years. Like the origins of many other popular casino games, the origins of craps are shrouded in mystery. However, it is generally accepted that this is an extremely ancient game. Craps relies on the roll of two dice, and it’s worth noting that dice have been around since antiquity. Ancient die were unearthed in Egypt and it is noteworthy to note that they were reportedly dated at the approximate year of 600 B.C. Craps’s murky roots make it hard to pinpoint a single cause, although several hypotheses have been put forth.

 Religious and Imperial Origins in Holy Rome

Craps, according to popular belief, was created during the reign of the Holy Roman Empire. Evidence suggests that Roman troops made dice-like cubes out of pig knucklebones. They then devised a type of game by rolling and playing with the bones within their shields.

Arabic az-zahr

The ancient Arabic dice game az-zahr is sometimes seen as the ancestor of craps. Dice is the literal meaning of this term. Following this reasoning, it’s not apparent why craps was chosen as the name of the game.


Some people think the English card game Hazard was the inspiration for craps. In the 12th century, this was a common way to play dice in England. Following this line of reasoning, it would appear that the French renamed this activity “crabs,” which was then anglicized to “craps” in the United States.

Current Craps

It is largely thought that the current game that is recognized today as craps developed and was established in the United States. Craps is known as the game with the greatest noise and superstitious players in the casino. Upon entering a land based casino, a player seeking for the craps table will typically be able to spot it quickly owing to the boisterous and chaotic atmosphere related to the craps table.

Web-based Craps

Craps was quickly turned into an online form of amusement following the advent of the top online casinos to the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s. Craps’s transformation into a playable game through online casinos required several noticeable tweaks and changes. The quantity of background noise in this game is the primary distinction between playing in an actual casino and doing so online. Many casino-goers agree that craps is the noisiest and rowdiest game on the floor. When taking part in the game over the internet, you won’t have access to this feature.

One thing is certain, regardless of the game’s exact origins: modern craps is a thrilling form of online amusement for many people all over the world.

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