How the Top Online Slots Jackpots Compare to Vegas’ Megabucks

Megabucks Cash Jackpot

Megabucks has turned into an establishment in Las Vegas. Created by IGT, this profoundly well known brand of moderate gambling machines has been conveying multimillion-dollar fortunes since the mid-1980s.

Megabucks rules in Vegas, however it additionally holds the record for the biggest openings big stake of all time. In 2003, it paid $39.7 million to an unknown numerous from L.A.

Expecting you play online spaces, you might contemplate whether any web big stakes verge on offering what Megabucks does. All things considered, I’ll examine more on Megabucks alongside five web-based big stakes that could conceivably rival it.

What Is Megabucks?

Megabucks is a progression of moderate gaming machines that sent off in 1986. Its “wide-region” bonanza network spreads north of 700 machines across in excess of 100 Vegas gambling clubs.

Numerous players erroneously accept that Megabucks is a solitary kind of space. In any case, the name just signifies a brand of moderate spaces that are associated with a similar bonanza. Different Wheel of Fortune openings are the most-widely recognized games related with Megabucks.

You can play this game for a solitary $1 coin. Nonetheless, you should bet every one of the three coins ($3) to play for the dynamic bonanza.

Discussing which, the ever-evolving big stake starts at $10 million. It takes little rates of each wagered to develop.

You should land MEGABUCKS images on each reel to win the big stake. The chances of achieving this accomplishment are supposed to be somewhere in the range of 1 out of 17 million to 1 out of 50 million.

The amount Is the Megabucks Jackpot Usually Worth?

The Megabucks big stake starts at $10 million — promptly making it greater than some other openings bonanza at the ongoing time.

No restriction exists on how enormous this prize can develop. Be that as it may, the Megabucks bonanza normally hits some place in the $15 million to $25 million territory.

IGT pays big stakes either in single amount esteem or through a 25-year annuity. You should take a markdown while requesting the singular amount, similar as with lottery prizes.

Where Can You Play Megabucks Slot Machines?

IGT offers Megabucks-marked games in different pieces of the United States. For instance, you can find these gaming machines in California, Mississippi, and New Jersey.

Nonetheless, the greatest Megabucks bonanza is just presented in Las Vegas and other Nevada betting areas. The bonanzas highlighted somewhere else make little difference to those tracked down in Vegas.

You won’t find the Vegas-based Megabucks at online club by the same token. Thusly, you should visit the Silver State to play for this award.

Top Online Slots Jackpots

The web gaming world offers no big stakes that totally match Megabucks. In any case, it flaunts a few major awards, including the ones covered underneath.

1 – Mega Moolah

Super Moolah is a five-reel, 25-line opening from Microgaming that rotates around African wilderness creatures. You meet all requirements for this game’s big stake by wagering just $0.25.

Sent off in 2006, Mega Moolah has paid a significant number of the biggest awards in web-based spaces history. In 2019, it conveyed the greatest web-based openings bonanza in history at €18,915,721 (approx. $21m).

The bonanza is cultivated at $1 million, and it pays through a haphazardly set off reward round. The last option incorporates a wheel that highlights four distinct big stakes and different awards.

The “Super” moderate award is the biggest. Expecting the wheel pointer lands on the Mega big stake, then, at that point, you’ll be a mogul.

2 – Mega Fortune

Created by NetEnt, Mega Fortune is a five-reel, 25-line space that rotates around riches and extreme lifestyles.Mega Fortune SlotsThis game immediately turned into a contender to Mega Moolah when it sent off in 2009. For example, it paid a then-record €17,860,868 (approx. $19m) big stake in 2013.

Super Fortune bears clear likenesses to Mega Moolah. Most importantly, you just have to wager $0.25 to play this game and fit the bill for the top award.

Besides, you can win the big stake in a haphazardly set off reward. This round includes a concentric wheel with “Super Jackpot” in the center.

You should deal with three layers of the wheel to get an opportunity at the top payout. Expecting the pointer lands on Mega Jackpot, then you win.

3 – Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree is a five-reel, nine-line game from Bovada Casino’s restrictive programming. It manages looking for extreme things, like satchels and jewel neckbands.

The Shopping Spree big stake is valued at $4.65 million at the hour of this composition. You should bet $1.25 per line ($11.25 by and large) to fit the bill for the top payout.

In the event that you’re following along, Shopping Spree compels you to wager very nearly four fold the amount of as Megabucks to win large. As well as putting down the huge bet, you likewise need to land five pieces of jewelry in a payline to win the top award.

This game offers a reward round that includes choosing satchels to uncover prizes. You should land three dollar signs on the reels to set off the reward.

4 – Aladdin’s Lamp

Made by GTECH, Aladdin’s Lamp is a three-reel, three line space that arrangements with the normal story of Aladdin. Its big stake is worth €3.78 million (approx. $4.15m) at the hour of this post.Aladdin’s LampAladdin’s Lamp doesn’t seem to be the kind of game that would offer such a colossal award. All things being equal, it shows up more like an exemplary opening with somewhat redesigned illustrations.

In any case, you can win a multimillion-euro fortune through this game by arranging three Aladdin’s in a payline. The catch: you should bet an incredible €5 per line (€15 all out) to meet all requirements for the bonanza.

As though Shopping Spree’s expected bet wasn’t sufficiently high, Aladdin’s Lamp makes you bet multiple times the Megabucks’ passing bet.

One more drawback to Aladdin’s Lamp is that it doesn’t offer any rewards or exceptional highlights. Generally, it’s simply an essential opening with a gigantic payout.

5 – Jackpot King

Similar as Megabucks, Jackpot King is a dynamic big stake brand that covers numerous openings. While one of the games is called Jackpot King, other gambling machines like Top Cat and Slots o’ Gold additionally offer a similar moderate award.

Its top payout is worth £2.62 million (approx. $3.4m) right now. You vie for the bonanza by haphazardly setting off a reward in the particular game you’re playing.

The different five-reel games that have the Jackpot King prize proposition respectable designs and sensible bet sizes.

You won’t be flabbergasted by the designs and rewards accessible in Blueprint’s Jackpot King series. In any case, you won’t care about them either, particularly while considering the monstrous potential fortune that is standing by.

Which Rules: Megabucks or the Biggest Online Jackpots?

None of the big stakes covered above match what Megabucks offers on a predictable premise. These games’ top payouts battle to analyze given that Megabucks is cultivated at $10 million.

Uber Moolah offers the following most elevated seed esteem at $1 million. Hence, these web-based openings need additional opportunity for their bonanzas to develop.

If you have any desire to win the most potential cash, then you really want to go to Las Vegas and play Megabucks. On the other hand, you can likewise discover some Megabucks games spread all through Nevada.

Obviously, you might esteem something beyond playing for the greatest conceivable big stake. Wager size and additionally elements could likewise intrigue you.

Once more, Megabucks requires an enormous $3 qualifying bet. Accepting you risk not exactly this, then you will not meet all requirements for the ever-evolving prize.

Uber Moolah, Mega Fortune, and the Jackpot King series offer you a chance to vie for immense payouts without gambling $1 or more. Shopping Spree ($11.25) and Aladdin’s Lamp (€15), then again, ought to be kept away from if you would rather not bet huge.

Concerning illustrations and elements, Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Jackpot King, and Shopping Spree all rate moderate to high in these classifications. Megabucks, on the other hand, includes a more established series of games that significantly look like spaces from the 90s time.

As may be obvious, different variables go into concluding whether Megabucks or the greatest web-based spaces bonanzas are the most advantageous.


Megabucks offers a bonanza opportunity that isn’t typically accessible on the web. It enables you to succeed something like $10 million on a predictable premise.

Online openings, like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, can sporadically arrive at eight figures. Nonetheless, they don’t do so constantly.

Yet, you ought to likewise consider that similar games are less expensive to play. You can appreciate both Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah for just $0.25 per turn.

Interestingly, Megabucks drives you to wager $3 to play. Accepting for the time being that you’re managing a little bankroll, then, at that point, you should stay with web openings that offer modest least bets.

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